Snack shack

Open Daily…starting June 1st

We are excited for the 2019 season! GMSC plans to have a lot of fun treats and meal deals for you to choose from at the Snack Shack.

Back for 2019…credit card option. No minimum purchase, no transaction fees.

As a heads up, the snack shack will only be staffed during peak business hours over the weekend and also during adult swim.

Though not always staffed, you can always see a lifeguard who is not on duty to help you get a snack.  In fact we encourage it!

Snacks in the Shack*

  • Candy: candy bars, Pixie Sticks and more
  • Fun Treats: chips, pretzels, frozen Gogurts, ice cream bars, pbj, and more
  • Beverages: soda, Gatorade, juice boxes, and bottled water
  • Mains: chicken strips, hamburgers, hot dogs, and pizza

*Not a complete list. Items may change at any time per the discretion of the Snack Shack Manager.